A handy beauty to have at your side

Category: Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Cumshot, Mixed, Natural Boobs, XXX" | Date: 1 June 2018 A handy beauty to have at your side

That's not my dick Janet Jade is tit-fucking and jerking off in the (pardon the expression) handful of tits and tugs videos and corresponding photos she has done. Men's magazine editors are duty-bound to keep their pants on (in case you're wondering how the process works and want to apply for an editorial job). We're professionals. So, in this scene, that is, in fact, the cock of JMac, one of the professional penis models who acts as our surrogate in these point-of-view scenes so we can all experience the action virtually. So I wasn't there. Other than Janet and JMac, the cameraman was the only other person in the room.

Janet didn't, and still doesn't, want to do the complete deed on-camera. She feels that sex is too personal an act. You know how girls are. They're very picky. But she did say yes to jacking and tit-fucking. No blow jobs, though. Just handiwork. If this sounds like your days back in school with a girl who didn't want to go all the way, well, it is kind of like that. Yet there is a lot to be said about a girl who isn't ready to fuck but will gladly jerk you off. There's something very exciting about that.

I did do a video with the great Janet for SCOREtv episode 2, but I kept my pants on while Janet took her tops off. This was a segment of SCOREtv called "Tits In Tight Tops." I love this theme. There's nothing like watching a girl trying on bras and shirts. Janet tried on, and took off, a variety of tight titty tops while I held the microphone (what some Freudian psychologists call the symbolic penis) and talked tits with her, the cameraman to my side.

We checked in with Janet every six months or so to ask if she wanted to try a full-out sex scene. It can't hurt to ask. Maybe one day she'll change her mind. It's happened before. But if she doesn't, or, say, someone wins her hand (and other body parts) in marriage, we'll always have this scene and the other tits and tugs scenes she did only for us.

Now it's time for the old 21cc salute in honor of Janet. Hands down, an awesome model and a very nice girl.

A handy beauty to have at your side

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