A 1990s superstar

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Letha Weapons was SCORE's covergirl for the August 1992 edition, the second issue of the magazine. 1992 was a pivotal year in the megabust explosion and Letha was one of the girls who lit the fuse. She was 18 years old.

This video was filmed in early 1992.

Letha's last SCORE appearance before a brief comeback years later, was for the August 1995 issue. At that time, SCORE was publishing front and back cover shots. This was done because of consumer behavior. Newsstand browsers would often put a magazine back on the rack the wrong way. Letha, in one of her favorite costumes, a star-spangled two piece, had the back cover honor. She wore this costume at porn expos and when she played a dancer on an episode of Married With Children. Al Bundy probably requested it. Readers still remember that cover.

She was a frequent guest on TV talk shows such as Howard Stern and Richard Bey. At the time, supersized girls were a big ratings topic. Her first Stern appearance was on his original WWOR-TV channel 9 show for a courtroom skit in episode 62.

Letha was more than outspoken about her wild sex life, both on and off-camera. "I love talking about sex and guys and girls and more sex. I have sex all the time. As much as possible with everybody. Rich, tall, short, famous. I like to fuck all the famous people just to see what people are like. It's interesting to have sex with people you've seen in movies or in magazines, and see what they're really like. Most of these people are married or have girlfriends, and you've probably seen most of them in People magazine. Naming them would hurt them a lot and I'm not into that.

"I never fucked Howard Stern. I think he's pretty faithful, in spite of all that shit they say about him. I wouldn't mind fucking him, though, just to see what it would be like. He's a really nice guy, even though some people give him a bad rap. He flirted with me, but he never did anything about it. Howard never said, 'Let's fuck' or anything like that, so I would have had to chase him. He's really a gentleman."

From 1996 on, Letha was basically out of sight. I've always looked at her as an icon of the megabust world. One of the reasons that Letha left hardcore porn was the insufficient money. Fees for adult performers were sliding down throughout the '90s. She felt that most L.A. porn producers were asking girls to do a lot for very little money. Her goal was to do more mainstream movie and TV work.

In 2000, Letha bounced back to the strip club scene. One night in October, photographer Peter and editor Elliot James went to Tootsie's in Miami to see her show and ask if she wanted to do a photo shoot at SCORE during the week. She had posed for John Graham in England and California but not in Miami. They were more than surprised when during her show, Letha took a dildo and an anal plug from out of a champagne bucket, lubed them up, and inserted them into her pussy and ass-pipe.

The pictorial from that shoot in October of 2000 was published in the March 2001 issue. Letha was once again a covergirl.

These days, Letha lives in San Francisco and is still active, although her hardcore days are over.

A 1990s superstar

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